Thanks for our newest tip goes to Kyle Black, an embalmer in Kosciusko, Mississippi.  The tip describes what Kyle feels is an effective way of dressing a case.  He describes it here:

Instead of cutting the back of shirts and blouses all the way, I make a cut in the back of the garment starting at the center of the tail of the shirt or blouse.  Make the cut all the way up the the center of the back leaving about two inches of fabric between the cut and and the neckline.  Next, I place the shirt or blouse on the chest of the deceased as it will look when it is being worn.  Find the cut in the back and place each arm through the corresponding sleeve.  The neck hole of the shirt or blouse may confuse you at first by not being in the correct spot. It will be on the chest of the deceased.  After each arm is inserted, the sleeves must be pulled above the elbow for this method to work.  When the sleeves are above the elbows, you should then raise each arm to its maximum height above the body.  This should give you enough slack in the neck to pull the shirt or blouse over the head of the deceased.  After you are finished, adjust the shirt or blouse as needed to the proper wearing position.  For shirts or blouses with button-up fronts, you should leave three to four buttons unbuttoned to dress with ease.  This method makes for a better fit and esthetic look of clothing and also cuts down the usage of suture to close the back neckline.  When using suture to sew a cut on the back neckline, you will usually have a pulled look around the neck front and shoulders.


I have attached a diagram of the proper way to cut using this method.




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