Dealing With Slipperiness

Submitted by David Finch

There are a number of situations faced by embalmers in which excessive slipperiness, and/or lack of traction, pose problems and delay progress.  David passes on the following suggestions:

Tired of having cases slide and slip? Hands that won't stay in position because they slide off the tummy? How about when trying to roll a case after the skin has slipped off and all that is left is the very slippery subcutaneous tissue?

Here is a tip I learned as an autopsy technician.  My pathologist would use a paper towel on his cutting board so the organs that he was dissecting would not slip off the board.

Use an ordinary paper towel as your "no-slip" surface. The large amount of surface area of the paper towel will increase the friction on any slippery surface.

If you are moving a body that is slippery and you cannot get a grip, wrap a paper towel around the limb and use it to help your grip.  If the deceased's hands are sliding off of the stomach, just place a paper towel under each hand. It's simple, and it works.  I also use paper towels around my aneurysm needle handles when they are likely to be covered with fat and blood. This makes for an excellent grip.




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