In addition to our embalming services, we offer a wide variety of services to help you.

DNA Service
Memorial Mask or Casting
Preparation Room Cleaning
Directors and Counselors
Cosmetologist Services
OSHA Certification Training and Facility Inspections


Snyder’s Embalming Service, in partnership with DNA Connections, is pleased to announce its new DNA banking and testing for those interested in preserving a DNA sample of a deceased loved one.  This service involves procuring a sample through a simple, non-invasive procedure; the sample is then securely packaged and sent to the DNA Connections labs in Alabama, where it will be processed and stored.  Preserved DNA samples can be useful for determining paternity, for checking back through family lines for evidence of hereditary disease, for genealogy use (sample can indicate or rule out relationship of one person to another), and for various other uses.   

DNA Connections is America's leading provider of DNA preservation.


We have a full staff of highly competent and talented individuals ready to address the cosmetics and hair styling needs of our client mortuaries.  We strive to achieve excellence in this area for the benefit of both our client mortuaries and the families they serve.  In hair styling, cosmetic application, and restorative art, you can expect the best from Snyder's. 
Cosmetics and Restorative Art
Our staff members have many years' individual and combined experience in the area of expert cosmetic application and restorative art as well.  They have done wonders for very difficult cases, much to the surprise and delight of funeral homes and families.  Many, many cases deemed by the funeral home to be "unviewable" have been pronounced "beautiful" after Snyder's staff have done their work.  The excellent work of our staff members has gained much praise, but we don't expect you to take our word for it.  We invite you to visit our Letters of Recommendation page to see what our client mortuaries and families have to say!

Dinair Cosmetics
A special service offered by Snyder's is the use of the Dinair Air-Brush system.  
Our cosmetologists are certified users of the Dinair airbrush system.  Dinair's exclusive airbrush makeup is a water-based formula designed for flawless airbrush application. It sprays on smoothly and evenly, allowing exquisite shading and subtle gradations that are unachievable through traditional methods.  The specially modified airbrush system distributes an ultra-fine mist that dries on contact and covers in a perfect bisque, non-oily finish.  Blush, highlights, eye shadow, lip color and even corrective toners are incredibly natural looking.  There's never any build up, it doesn't block pores, and the skin's natural texture always comes through.

Snyder's staff are as talented with hair styling as they are with cosmetics and restorative art.  They can cut, dye, and style hair as required, needing only a photograph to perform their work.  We are certain you will be pleased with the outcome, in fact, we guarantee your satisfaction.

Nail Services

Our personnel have the expertise to provide a variety of nail care services.  Snyder’s offers excellent service in the application of acrylic nails or tips, creation of a French manicure, or other specified nail procedure.


Do you dread the though of an OSHA inspection?  Keeping up with OSHA regulations can be overwhelming, but we can help. We offer a walk through inspection of your facility with a written report of all OSHA infringements. Also included in the walkthrough is an analysis of compliance with hazard communication programs, chemical storage and handling, formaldehyde monitoring, record access, poster requirements, Emergency Plans, underground storage tanks, licenses and permits. With OSHA fines as high as $70,000, being aware of your problem areas can help you save thousands of dollars. 

On-site training programs covering these areas are available.  Other training programs we offer are Preventing Back Injuries, Avoiding Sexual Harassment, and American Disabilities Act.


Use our professional, licensed funeral directors for your short staff days or to help cover vacations.  We will serve your mortuary by the arrangement, service, or day.


Many families wish to preserve the memory of the departed by commissioning a memorial mask.  Snyder’s can provide this service, which involves taking a careful imprint or impression of the face with a pliable, harmless substance.  The mask is then created from this pliable “mold.”  What results is a realistic rendering of the face of the deceased, a very special tribute to be treasured now and for years to come. 


Castings of the hand(s) or feet of infants can also be created upon request.


We will clean and disinfect your prep room embalming tables, base of tables, walls, floors, counter tops, cabinets, sinks, embalming machines, instruments and instrument tables, hoppers, refrigerators, and dressing tables.  We will also fill up and clean your soap bottles, dry seal bottles, etc.

Free estimates for weekly, monthly, or one time service.

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