The names of the families and deceased have been changed to protect their privacy.

"I met Jon Snyder in approximately 1986 while I owned a trade embalming service and mortuary in the Los Angeles area. I occasionally needed assistance in my operations and relied on Jon and his staff. I can honestly say that I received better work from them then I did from my own staff! That is hard to say, but it is true. I am known as being a stickler for detail and fine embalming and this is what I received from Snyder's. I would recommend them in any situation, for dependability and professionalism."

Roger H. Lori

"For the past several years, I have been involved with Jon Snyder and his employees in a number of settings.  We try to do our own embalming here at Gardenside Funeral Service, but during times when an employee is on vacation, sick leave, or simply overwhelmed with cases, I don't hesitate to call Snyders Embalming.

Jon Snyder has always had the highest ethics and his integrity is unquestionable. He has always exhibited the ability to surround himself with a staff of embalmers who are well qualified, caring and clean.  I know I can call on Jon to supply me with an embalmer, and from the first phone call I make to him through the completion of the process, I never have to worry or wonder if the case will be embalmed well, with dignity and care, or if my prep room will be left clean.  Those embalmers associated with Snyders Embalming Service are friendly and professional.  They can be trusted under any circumstance to provide you with the kinds of quality you expect and demand.  They have keys to my facility and come in to take care of my cases, whether I am here or not.  I never worry that they will leave the place open or leave lights on.  I rest assured that they will come in, take care of the case, clean up, lock up, and leave everything as I left it.  On occasion, there is a visitation or service in progress while they are here, and I never have to worry about excess noise or intrusion.

I highly recommend Jon Snyder and his staff to you.  If you want the job done properly and can't do it yourself, they are the best option available to any of us in the funeral profession."

Glenn Midgley

"Thank you!! The sister of John Doe was so pleased with his looks, she asked for his casket to remain open for services. Thank you!"

"Thank you for all the attention you gave our mom and especially in making sleeves for her dress.  That was very kind of you.  She looked beautiful.  Thanks again."

"Another letter to thank you for the work rendered to families. A special thank you for the work done on Mr. John Smith.  Considering that he was run over by a vehicle and being posted at the Medical Examiner's office, you were able to let the family have their loved one viewed.  Also, for the the work done to Mr. Bob Miller.  And for Mrs. Jane Doe, for doing her hair as requested.  So thank you for a job well done."

"KUDOS!! The family of Mrs. Smith expressed to me their great satisfaction with how the services were handled.  High on the list of gratitude was the appearance of the deceased.  The son was dreading the thought of viewing his mother after two years of being ill.  When he arrived at the church  and found her beautiful and peaceful looking, he broke into tears.  All three priests agreed.  It was wonderful to hear."

"It seems that I just can't thank you enough for everything you did for my precious baby girl.  We will always remember the way you dressed and prepared my baby.  She looked very beautiful to me and to my family.  You really have special ways on making things just right, and special ways to make people feel better.  I will always appreciate what you did for me and fro my family.  Thank you very, very much!"

"I am typing this letter in appreciation of the top quality and professional service we have received from Snyders Embalming Service.  At Lesneski Mortuary, we are very conscious of the work we perform with the families of the deceased and the embalming and preparation.  It is truly a pleasure and a relief to have a service such as Snyders Embalming Service to help us out when we get busy.  I never have to worry about your staff of embalmers due to the fact that they all are very knowledgeable of the practices of embalming and are very clean.  In closing, I want to thank Jon for such a wonderful service."

"Spongberg Mortuary has employed the services of Snyders Embalming Service for all of our trade embalming needs for the past four to five years.  In our experience, the service has been prompt and dependable.  Easy access has been provided through toll-free telephone numbers, pager service, and facsimile service.  Billing has been clear and accurate.  The quality of the embalming has been of reliably high standard.  When our personal preferences for firmness, pose, or other special considerations have been a matter of discussion , they have always been followed to our satisfaction.  The staff routinely leave our preparation room clean and in proper order for the next call.  The various embalmers sent to our facility have unsupervised access at all hours of the day and night.  We have never had a cause for concern regarding their honesty."

"I am the mother of Jane Smith, who recently passed away.  You put gold angel earrings on her and gave her a white rosary.  I just wanted to thank you for doing that for my precious angel.  I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate what you did for her meant everything to me.  Thank you for your kindness.  Every good deed you do does pay off!"


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