If you are seeking a position available that you would like posted on our website, please copy the form below into an email, complete and send to jon@snydersembalming.com.
We reserve the right to refuse any submission.

Please note:  In an effort to keep the information is our listings current, we will remove any listings older than 120 days, but feel free to resubmit you listing.


General area (city, county) to work in:


Home Telephone Number:

Cell Phone:

E-mail address:

Call between these hours:

Preferred contact method (email, home phone, cell phone):

Type of position sought - list all that apply:  Apprentice / Licensed Embalmer / Funeral Director / Counselor / Office Personnel / First-Call Driver / Other (describe)

Status Desired: (Full-time / Part-time / Temporary / Permanent)

Days/hours available to work: 

Relevant Education:

Licenses Held:

Experience in Funeral Industry?: (Yes or No)

If yes, how long?:


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